It’s long past time for a catch-up with Dr. Biden, partly because I lost track of myself, and partly because she does seem intentionally to be wearing a lot of repeats — as if she’s resisting an expansive new wardrobe entirely, and/or using cherished pieces she loves, and/or taking “price per wear” very seriously. I am very okay with that, honestly. As we’ve noted before, she’s our first working First Lady — in the sense that I believe she has kept her teaching job while also serving as FLOTUS — and she’s also been busy enough that rotating through all of this takes a lot of the time-consuming fittings out of the equation. But, as much as she and her team sought to make fashion less of the focus, she also knows that any deviation from that will make a statement — and the one she chose to make was light years different than that of her predecessor.

If you’re wondering why we are covering her, by the way, we wrote about it here and also a bit here. Interestingly, in the end, we’ve covered Dr. Flotus more so far (this is only the second post, but there are a lot of pics in each) than we have Madam Veep; for a while it felt like we didn’t have as much, but a cursory look this weekend suggested there might be more there than I had thought, so hopefully I’ll sort through those too soon.

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