Black Widow is coming, so Florence Pugh is dipping a toe back into the talk-show and promotional circuit, which is a delightful sight. I’m very happy we ought to get a real premiere for this one (it’s out July 9). She’s leaning short with the first crop of outfits. They’re a Nair ad in the making. Here’s one, and as usual, click a link if the Instagram widget isn’t loading:

I cannot tell a lie: While the retro vibe works on her — she has the attitude for those boots — I am deeply unmoved by the dress. If you venture to the second photo, you’ll see it has the dreaded front slit (if you can call it that — a slit, I mean; certainly whatever it is counts as ‘dreaded’), which means we are in danger of knowing all the details of her personal grooming habits.

I was going to suggest she’d have a hard time actually USING the chair in this photo

… and indeed, the second photo has her sitting on a desk, looking for all the world like she could use a bathroom in it without having to hike it up even a little bit. It’s very soapy and dramatic, but I would only deploy it for an event where I didn’t have to sit — or if I did, it was in my own home, on a chair I had sanitized.

Here, she went with length:

And looks very much like a flight attendant for Louis Vuitton Airlines.

Here we have a Prada that looks as if Miuccia had French Maids on the brain at the time, but I think this whole thing works well on her — the chunky boots give off a really appealing ad appropriate youthful vibe. Florence is still only 25, and I forget that sometimes. She’s younger than Ariana Grande, for a reference point.

But lo, another front slit situation:

And more platform boots, which I don’t think work as well here. This is… okay. It’s Giambattista Valli, I believe, and it just… really looks like an expensive cardigan that’s being repurposed by a petite person. I cannot imagine having to move in it, and those flaps at the bottom going haywire. I guess that’s the benefit of Zoom. No one knows what your flaps are doing. Shoot, that came out wrong. I should probably delete before I hit publ