PAZ DE LA HUERTA: Benicio, I hear you’re impregnating people. And by “people,” I mean, “Kimberly Stewart, in a development even People magazine called ‘random.” When PEOPLE thinks you are random, you have been TRULY AND COMPLETELY RANDOM.

BENICIO DEL TORO: Paz, I hear you’re getting sued/facing criminal charge brought by bit players on The City. Whom you — SPEAKING OF RANDOM — tried to beat up. In the presence of Lindsay Lohan.

PAZ: You know what this means, right?

BENICIO: We blow this joint and take our party on the road?

PAZ: BINGO. You’re sexy, I’m violent, and we both look good. REALITY SHOW.

BENICIO: On one condition. Don’t ever leave your red lipstick at home again.

PAZ: Deal.