It’s entirely possible that The Color Purple will have its U.S. premiere, and EVERYONE and everything will be purple. I actually would not even mind if the major leads coordinated and all wore different shades of purple, mostly because I love logistics and you know that would require some on the part of all the various styling teams. But so far, there has been enormous restraint and nobody has leaned into the obvious color choice — although for a second Fantasia Barrino got me with this one, until I concluded that one stripe in the plaid is actually fuchsia. Anyhoo, this was for an informal chat — folks are scrambling to promote their movies, and sidebar, WHEN are they gonna get Emma Stone out there working for Poor Things? — so everyone had to be comfy sitting down, and I expect these outfits all deliver. Taraji’s pattern is obviously the nearest and dearest to my heart here. I was just reading a Reddit thread about how it’s terrible she wasn’t nominated for either Hustle & Flow or Hidden Figures, and I believe that is TRUE, so maybe this will be her year and the fireworks on that dress will be prophetic.

[Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images]