Sheryl Lee Ralph is, I belive, doing laps right now in service of a book she put out in March, DIVA 2.0: 12 Life Lessons From Me For You!, which is either a sequel or simply an update to 2012’s Redefining Diva: Life Lessons from the Original Dreamgirl. If she IS promoting a book from five months ago, that’s smart; use this time however you can, folks, because we are all desperate to see you promoting stuff. And SLR is always going to do while wearing something as tart as a freshly squeezed glass of juice. This might have been cuter tucked in? And I’m not sure about the red shoe, but the lively palette is always a gift.

Here, we have what might be a scrolldown. It starts out with an Ava DuVernay vibe, transitions into screaming green loungewear that looks comfy…

Celebrity Sightings In Philadelphia - August 22, 2023

… and ends in rainbow platform Crocs?!? I was, as they say, today years old when I learned there is a whole Height Collection that includes one pair of HUGE pink high-heel clogs. I am not sure what to make of that, as I do the OPPOSITE of work on my feet all day — instead, I sit too much — and so I have not explored The World of Crocs. I have successfully steered my life away from anything that involves the letters “croc” in that order, except of course for the seminal motion picture event Crocodile Dundee. I am not wild about them in a… style capacity? Surely they are not the only supportive shoe that would have offered some pizzazz to this? But maybe she just slid them on for the trip to the car, and I give her credit for them coordinating with the outfit. Maybe I need to open my heart to Crocs, although I don’t wany any crocs getting their wires crossed and showing up on my doorstep. We had a hurriquake in L.A. this week, so anything is possible.

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