I guess Selena here is voicing a giraffe in the Robert Downey Jr. remake of Dr. Doolittle that literally no one asked for — it’s rumored to be a disaster; this is not her fault in the least — but she rather looks like she’s aiming for another modern remake of Dangerous Liaisons, one that keeps the panniers.  (I (a) do think her head looks fab here, (b) just rewatched the original Dangerous Liaisons and it is weird at this point in the world to see a period film where everyone is an American [it holds up], and (c) am low-key concerned that RDJ might never make a serious film again. ScarJo has book-ended Avengers with Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit, RDJ is doing Doolittle and ANOTHER SHERLOCK MOVIE. I am worried that the Sherlock movies are to RDJ as Pirates of the Caribbean movies are to Johnny Depp: the first one is a great time and then we get into diminishing returns and yet the star KEEPS DOING THEM. How did this post turn into a rumination about my mild concerns about Robert Downey Jr’s career? I don’t even know. [But he’s got loads of money and could do all kinds of interesting things if he wanted to! I’m concerned!!] As far as Selena goes, though: She’s going to be fine.)

[Photos: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]