I have had my doubts about Coach making a move into clothing. For one thing, the clothes they’re selling to us civilians feel about 20% more expensive than they ought to be for the brand; Coach bags are classic and lovely, and they’re certainly not cheap — but it’s also not a label that translates into $700 Dinosaur Sweaters. (And I LOVE that sweater. But to me, a sweater from Coach should not be twice the price of one of their classic bags.) But more seriously, the clothing they send down the red carpet is profoundly underwhelming half the time — remember this? Or this? Or this deeply dull look for the Met Gala? — and I have NO IDEA what their stylistic point of view is. Selena is the new face of their brand, and…I have real serious concerns about this for her. Because here, she looks like Nellie Olsen, come back to town after six months at a boarding school and about to give Half Pint a serious piece of her mind about how braids are over.

[Photo: Lia Toby/WENN.com]