Coach just has such a knack for putting out clothes that look like rejected decor for their leather goods. I don’t think, as a garment, it’s attractive at all, but if I opened up a suitcase and saw this under the hood I’d probably shrug and be like, “That seems right.” Kate Middleton would probably pick this as her steamer trunk liner: It’s horsy, it’s beige, it has a whiff of the outdoors about it, and it’s aristocratic in a way where it wants to seem regular but still also wants expensive hair, etc.

But honestly, the discordant thing about this outfit is that I’m not ENTIRELY sure that isn’t last night’s head-styling. Let’s assume she’s being… energy-conscious. “Reduce, reuse, recycle,” the beans would sing-song, the way they do every time they want me to turn an Amazon box into a mailbox/rocket ship/imaginary laptop. Can’t argue with that.

[Photo: Backgrid]