After looking at Carrie’s entire CMAs history for a slideshow that ran yesterday, I saw this picture and thought, “Oooh, we might have a hit here!” So sparkly, such a great lion’s mane! We just need to sit her down and try out some new lipstick colors! And then:

The 54th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

This design seems intentionally to evoke a person who bought a matching coat, and then stopped halfway through removing it. I’m surprised she isn’t listing to one side. I could handle the asymmetrical hem without all the fabric that COULD have gone there being stuck to her other hip. I could even do the monosleeve with a more streamlined skirt. But all that jazzy bedazzling — bejazzling? — is enough activity that I don’t think she needed EITHER flourish and could’ve done quite nicely if this were a sleeveless sleek column, full stop. (She could use the extra fabric to ADD A CAPE. Maybe?)

Also let’s leave clear plastic shoes in 2020, since we apparently neglected to leave them in 2019.

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