First, Reba looks fabulous. She’s hosting that thing, and the coat/top is just the right dose of Shania Twain mixed in with your regularly scheduled McEntire. Second, Reba has been dating this gentleman, an actor named Rex Linn who has been in a WHOLE LOT, for about eight months now but this seems to be their first public appearance. They apparently met while they were filming one of the Kenny Rogers Gambler movies and stayed friends for eons, and love has bloomed. It’s great. Listen, am I sure that the blazer and the shirt/tie and the pants all harmonize together as well as Reba and Linda Davis? No. But he looks pleasant, they look super cute together, and I’m just glad somebody found love before the pandemic that didn’t fall apart DURING the pandemic. So sir, as long as you don’t go on any boats with other women under suspicious circumstances, I think you two stand a good chance.

[Photo: Getty]