This starts out as a perfectly nice blouse…

… and then just sort of gives up on itself and becomes a maternity onesie. I appreciate the pink shoes, but they look like a bit of a stylistic afterthought.

Also, please let me be honest: As I type it is late on Monday night, and it’s VERY HARD to muster up any feelings about Mila Kunis’s below-average jumpsuit at the end of this TRULY BIZARRE DAY. We woke up reeling from Baton Rouge, only to bury ourselves in Taylor vs. Kimye; then Pacey and Diane snuck in their breakup news (FINALLY), and there was a terrorist incident in Germany, and then the Republican National Convention was such a mondo beast of headlines that it will be its own volume in the eventual 50-volume encyclopedia of the 2016 election cycle. I don’t want the comments to devolve into political finger-pointing, but I think no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, yesterday was REAL ODD. Pregnant Mila in high-fashion coveralls offering to fix people’s carburetors between photos would not even rank on the July 18, 2016, scale of weird.

[Photo: Getty]