It is so hard to know what to say about these two ladies, because they are at the premiere of the film that made them international treasures for playing characters who would consider these outfits relatively quiet.

That coat is the most bonkers thing I’ve seen in a while, and yes, that includes our exhaustive slideshow of everything Patsy and Edina wore on the show. Jennifer Saunders is standing there gazing at the camera as if to say, “Yes, we are both seeing this. It’s as if Helena Bonham Carter fell down a Pinterest wormhole and landed on her head somewhere on Etsy at 3 a.m.”

It’s like Joanna is channeling Patsy underneath and Edina on the outside —  Pats would only have worn that coat if Saffron’s water broke on her a second time, and she had to pilfer from Eddy’s closet — whereas Jennifer is just hoping no one will ask her what the coat means. Because based on what I’m seeing, it’s entirely possible that thing depicts a scene from the Avatar sequel, and heaven help her if she lets slip a spoiler.

[Photos: Getty]