Real talk: THIS WEEK WAS OUT OF CONTROL. In the slideshow, we’ve got a wedding, puppies, HARRY HIGH-FIVING A BABY, dancing, some really terrible pants — and that is just the stuff I didn’t get to earlier in the week, OF WHICH THERE WAS PLENTY. Namely:


MEGHAN AND HARRY ARE TOTALLY IN LOVE. (And she’s on the cover of Vanity Fair talking about it.) (And, uh, I’m sure you already know this, but if you’re super into the idea of a British prince potentially marrying an American woman, I have a book suggestion?)

GEORGE STARTED SCHOOL. (I have spent a weird amount of time looking at his uniform kit at John Lewis and I think it’s because deep down, I love uniforms. My high school changed their skirts from pastels to khaki and I have thoughts about it even though that has no effect on my life at all. But George’s school has a uniform sun hat! And a uniform LAB COAT! Spoiler: It’s out of stock.)

There was just a lot happening this week. William and Harry had engagements basically every single day (several of which weren’t photographed), and Kate had three on the docket that had to be cancelled because she’s barfing; it does seem like everyone is back to work, which is good news for everyone. Including me. (I hope I didn’t miss anything, but I probably did.)

Elsewhere around the internets:

People reports that Prince Henrik of Denmark has been diagnosed with dementia. I, like everyone else, would have covered his recent behavior differently had I known this, and I’m sure that is part of the reason the palace announced it.  Having said that — and please know that I say this with personal experience with dementia in my own family, and with immense sympathy for everyone involved  — his recent behavior was not out of character, even going back many years, which is I think why everyone on the royals beat was like, “here goes Henrik again!”  Anyway – it’s a very difficult situation for the Danes. Margarethe generally seems like she’s always got her hands full with SOMETHING.

This is a really interesting piece in the British Museum’s blog about how Elizabeth I used her image as, essentially, propaganda.

The Evening Standard has all the dish about Prince George’s new school uniform.

The new Swedish prince has a name! He’s also VERY CUTE. [Hello!]

Japanese Princess Mako and her boyfriend are engaged — and she, per their rules, must denounce her place in the imperial family to marry him. She seems…super okay with this.  [France24]

Lainey’s take on Meghan and Harry — and Meghan’s recent VF interview — is an interesting one. I absolutely agree with her that this interview would NEVER have happened without the Palace’s thumbs-up, and anyone who is like, “VANITY FAIR! I NEVER!” has…never read Vanity Fair, as they have primo royals coverage almost constantly, INCLUDING THE QUEEN HERSELF ON THE COVER.

Tatler, in their inimitable way, wonders: Did you go to the same school as a royal? I do love reading about British schools. Please don’t ask me why. Did British children love reading about American schools? Probably.

Hey, remember that time French paparazzi camped out on a road and used a mega-long lens camera to snap pics of Kate sunbathing topless by the pool of a private house? (Wills has apparent never been so mad, and fairly; I believe the phrase used was “vibrating with rage.”) Town & Country reports that FINALLY the lawsuit regarding that has been sorted; the Cambridges got 100k Euros. They’re using it to throw a total rager of a party. (I just made that last bit up.)

And, in our social media round-up:

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