Friday at last! I know Monday was a holiday, but this week felt long — perhaps, in retrospect, because I worked all day Monday. But whatever. Here we are! As you probably know, another hurricane is currently bearing down on the United States, Cuba, and the Bahamas, having just decimated the Caribbean and rocked Puerto Rico. It’s very scary; please be safe out there! I know we have a lot of Fug Nationals in Florida (just as we did in Texas!); we are thinking of you.

So if anyone needs something distracting to read, I’ve got you:

This is great, at Vulture: The Search for Madame Liu-Tsong. Let me further entice you with the lede: “In 1951, Anna May Wong was TV’s first Asian-American leading actor. And then her groundbreaking show disappeared.”

At Revelist, this is actually something I have wondered about: We tried Amazon’s cheapest swimsuits from $5 and up. I will not lie: I said the words, “ooh, this is cute!” more than once reading that article. I must confess that I have personally purchased VERY CHEAP leotards on Amazon because sometimes I wear them as a layering piece.

This is timely, at Jezebel, as this is Fashion Week in New York: ‘Just Hire Mannequins’: On the Slow Death Of the Runway Walk. I have to say, the last few fashion weeks we covered, there were increasing numbers of shows where I would look up from my notebook and think, “jeez, that model CANNOT walk.”

Of utmost importance: It appears that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have FINALLY been able to go public with their (years long) relationship. They’ve been together for a LONG TIME — and are proof positive that celebs can keep things mostly under wraps if they want to — but it must be a relief to not have to worry about it so much anymore. Look, I just want Joey Potter to be happy. [Lainey]

I always enjoy the reading lists at The Stripe. (And not just because this month’s round-up includes two books we blurbed, which I only just noticed.)

I’m going to let this Buzzfeed headline lure you into this, as it ought: This Private Investigator Was The Original Most Interesting Man In The World: The story of Tom Corbally, a private investigator whose career crisscrossed continents and spanned decades, is its own secret history of the 20th century. It is extremely interesting. To wit: “As a teenager, he stowed away on cruise liners the way the other kids went to sleep-away camp. The ships represented power and luxury in the midst of a global depression — the freedom to travel the world when most working stiffs were stuck scratching for shift work. Getting on board without getting caught was a challenge and served as the perfect entry-level con for a lifelong con man.”

This was an excellent essay at Vulture about Gone With The WindWhat Are We to Do With Cinematic Monuments to the Confederacy?  Angelica Jade Bastién is such a good writer.

Relavent to our interests, at Vanity Fair: Inside the Secret, Stealthy Work of Dressing Twin Peaks: The Return

I feel like I merely need to share the headline on this Lainey piece with you: RIGGINS FOREVER.

Buzzfeed examines the new cult of astrology. (Personally, my own current favorite internet astrologer is Chani Nicholas.)

Pajiba asks: Is ‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’ This Year’s ‘True Detective: Season 2’? (I hope not.)

The New Potato rounds up their favorite dry shampoos, and I love dry shampoos, so I’m gonna try all of them. (I personally love this one from DryBar, but there is always room in my heart/bathroom for another!)

Refinery29 bring us an excellent piece on Christian Siriano.

Racked wonders why so many 90s hearthrobs had the exact same hair. (I always called it Hot Skater Boy hair, not to be confused with Sk8ter Boi hair, which is the hair Avril had at the start of her career. Also, don’t get me started on my myriad issues with Sk8ter Boi, namely that the friends of the ex-girlfriend in that song SUCK because they all bought tickets to see their former classmate in concert and NEVER TOLD HER? She’s stuck at home with a baby, you guys, at least invite her to this show. And she’s all sad and alone and Avril spends the whole song making fun of her? YOU got the guy, Avril. Don’t punch down! Anyway. I guess I got started.)

Celebitchy reminds me that Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are still dating. My god, imagine those dinner parties.