Aw, man, they grow up so fast.  I hope the first day of school went well for our little Noodles McGee; he looks so nervous! I also hope Kate was able to drag herself and her IV fluids out of her sickbed long enough to supervise this picture of him on the steps of Kensington Palace — but I must admit I am dismayed that no one is holding a chalkboard reading FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Next year, Kate. You’re not at full strength right now:

TOO. CUTE. Both of you!

The KP Instagram also shared a video:

(Princess Charlotte, meanwhile, has used the commotion over her brother as an opportunity to decamp to a makeshift chemistry lab in the laundry room that no one knows about, and which may lead to a small explosion later today in which no one is hurt but everyone’s naps are ruined.)

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