Penelope has, of course, a storied history with feathered Versace gowns, and it’s never a surprise when she turns to Donatella on a big night — although I wonder if any of that will get weird now that Penelope is playing Donatella in American Crime Story. What if Donatella watches it and flies into a rage? Will she start sending Penelope the dregs of the dress rack?


That’s not a problem she’s facing yet, clearly. This is very beautiful. It’s stunning on a red carpet, it would be stunning at a pageant, it would be saucily stunning for a wedding, it would be stunning with a (unlit) cigarette in a long silver holder as she descends a staircase to spit verbal darts at her MORTAL ENEMY or for pushing said enemy DOWN said stairs, and it would be stunning sitting at home tossing pork into a slow cooker. It’s nice to see Donatella designing something that isn’t so specifically for naked loons.

Penelope picked Temperley for the photo op:

The 'Loving Pablo' photocall during the 74th Venice Film Festival

I just made, like, a weird creaking noise when I scrolled up and down past this thing. It was like if you’re letting the air out of a balloon but sounded more like a really old door. Did it NEED elbow flares? Did it NEED the lace and the lining to feel so disconnected? And in a genuine way, did it maybe need to be let out a bit up top to fit her chest? I like this relaxed vibe very much on her, but not so much all the fussiness.

[Photos: Backgrid]