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And now, on to the matter at hand! We had a very eventful week, didn’t we?  First, Meghan Markle and her great oxblood leather jacket shows up to support Harry at the Invictus Games opening; then she and Harry HOLD HANDS AND CANOODLE IN PUBLIC. We’re all DYING HERE. If she pops out at the Closing Events on Saturday, never fear, I am at the ready.

In other Harry news, about seventy-five hundred of you made sure we saw this (and I appreciated everyone double-checking, as this IS very important):

Adorable. I have to say that Harry always seems really happy at the Invictus Games (and rightly; it’s his initiative that obviously means a lot to him, which is clearly REALLY successful and brings a lot of meaning to the lives of people he really, really cares about, and with which he is intimately involved on a daily basis), but he seems EXTRA happy at this particular one. You can just see it in his face.

Elsewhere on the internet:

Vanity Fair reports that Prince George is sick of school and doesn’t want to go anymore. I feel you, kid.

At The Crown Chronicles: Princess Anne celebrates centenary of the ‘squadron that never sleeps’

People brings us further details about the WWII heroes that Wills met at the Imperial War Museum this week, and I cried a little bit at part of it.

At Vice: All the Princess Diana References in Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Collection 

Per Hello! Harry also visited Meghan at work this week. It’s Take Your Prince to Work day!

What Kate Wore has a great piece about the new Erdem/H&M collection and the Preen/LK Bennett collab.

Fergie gave an interview to Hello! about her relationship with Andrew and does NOT scream “WE’RE JUST WAITING FOR PHILIP TO DIE TO REMARRY!” at any point.

And, finally, on social media — we have A TON this week. This JUST happened, or I’d have photos of it in the slideshow [EDIT: NOW there are pics in the slideshow].

You KNOW Harry was like, “Barack, Joe, nice to see you blah blah blah WHERE IS MICHELLE?!”