These two are at — per Informative Caption — “the Leopard Leopard Leopard Pop-Up Shop hosted by Kate Spade New York & Man Repeller” (and whoo boy, is Kate Spade selling a lot of leopard at the mo, including a CAPE which I would totally buy except I, um, already have a leopard-trimmed cape and yes it is a whole other piece of outerwear from my leopard coat that I just told you about. LEAVE ME ALONE). They are both dressed in my own very favorite personal style, the one I most often drift into myself (as evidenced by all the leopard I own. There’s also a skirt!): Someone’s Quirky Old Aunt. This seems rude, but it is, I assure you, a compliment. Someone’s Quirky Old Aunt is FUN and wears a lot of vintage jewelry and travels often and has a great facialist and is a TEENY bit of a hoarder and possibly killed a man, but that was a long time ago and also he had it coming. She will always loan you a beautiful clutch for a formal evening, and she has a long-standing personal relationship with her mailman so her packages never go missing, and she maybe did some work for the CIA years ago but she isn’t really supposed to talk about what happened with her and Roger. She’s like a grown-up Manic Pixie Dream Girl except she hates Manic Pixie Dream Girls and now she’s really insulted. She LOVES leopard print.

[Photo: Getty]