Happy Friday, everyone! This has been a LONG WEEK. Obviously, we are still dealing with some issues with the server migration — the most obvious of which is that the mobile site is not currently working, and that the photos on desktop are not high res. We are working very hard to get all this fixed — our web developer Tiffany is a superstar and an amazing talent, and rest assured, she is ON IT. We very very much appreciate everyone’s patience while we iron out the wrinkles and hopefully things will be back to normal before you know it.

More importantly, we’d also like to ask everyone to consider lending a hand to our friends in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which have been devastated by Hurricanes Irma Maria, and Mexico, which has been struck by devastating earthquakes. I’m going to share some links below, but of course all suggestions are extremely welcome in the comments. I know we have Puerto Rican and Mexican readers and while I doubt they are reading this right now: We love you guys and hope you are hanging in there.

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College put together an excellent list of ways to help Puerto Rico.

PBS Newshour also has compiled an excellent set of resources.

Tim Duncan is raising money for the US Virgin Islands and is halfway to his five million dollar goal. Let’s help!

Global Giving is raising money for a Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund.

Several of these suggestions came via a very much appreciated email from a reader, and we always appreciate other suggestions in the comments. We’ve also not forgotten about Irma and Harvey; those links are to the posts that went up when they first happened.

In other news:

The Hollywood Reporter celebrates the 30th anniversary of thirtysomething, a show I watched in its entirety when it was being syndicated on Bravo during a period of unemployment in my life. This was back before DVRs or streaming TV and this was LITERALLY the only way to binge-watch. I remember a friend called me during an episode once and I had to say to her, “I need to call you back, NANCY HAS CANCER.”

At Lainey: There will not be a third Sex and the City movie, which…did anyone REALLY think that third one was going to happen? Publications these days tend to take a celebrity saying, “it would be fun to do X!” and publish pieces that proclaims things like, “THE THIRD PRINCESS DIARIES MOVIE IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING” when really Anne Hathaway was just musing about it theoretically. From the article, it seemed like this was further along than that, and I’m sure people are disappointed, but I can’t say I’m that surprised. HOWEVER, the reasons it’s allegedly not happening are kinda juicy.

This is very funny AND REAL, at The New Yorker: Don’t Even Think About Talking to Me Until I’ve Had My Second La Croix.

Lainey also asks a VERY important question: Is James Franco Hot Again?

This is one hell of a story, at Deadspin: How Did No One Notice This Inspirational Hiker On The Pacific Crest Trail? It’s fascinating. A taste: “I spoke with several angels and PCT thru-hikers, and read the testimonies of dozens more on a PCT thru-hikers’ Facebook page. These are people who would have been in the same places she was at the same times, people who interact with almost every hiker on the trail, and people who keep tabs on the roster of hikers in their area for safety and oversight reasons. The PCT is a long, desolate road, but it’s not without a well-developed network of people keeping an eye on the trail. None of them ever saw her.”

At Pajiba, an important service-y piece: Six Ways to Get the Rage Out When the Funk Gets To Be Too Much

At the New York Times: I Can’t Wait to Drive in Saudi Arabia Again. This is a great piece. To wit: “We Saudi women have been like birds with clipped wings, full of song, but unable to take flight. That will change. Now we must become the driving force of our own destinies, able to make our own decisions. Our brains are 100 percent strong. We are fully capable of being our own guardians.”

Celebitchy asks Will the end of ‘Fixer Upper’ mean huge problems for HGTV? I admit I have literally never watched one second of Fixer Upper, but I know people are really into those two.

I also share Celebitchy’s surprise that People didn’t give Harry and Meghan the cover this week, but I suspect it’s because Wills was on the cover of People LAST week and they don’t want to do two royal-centric covers in a row. They will FOR SURE get the cover when they announce the engagement, which I assume will happen next Thursday because I’m moving houses that day and will be in a truck the whole time. ME ME ME. WHAT ABOUT ME.


Bon Appetit brings us an inspirational story for the ages: I Ate Hundreds of Bowls of Queso and Somehow Lost 10 Pounds

At Revelist: There is Hocus Pocus nail art — perfect for Halloween! (You millennials LOVE Hocus Pocus.)

Hillary Clinton visited Refinery29, and let me say that I look forward to her popping into GFY HQ if she feels the need to opine on people’s weird culottes or whatever.

Catapult ran a beautiful essay this week on friendship:  Fortunate Friends: A Leap Across the Wealth Gap and Into a New Home