a) I’ve decided that when Kate and Meghan met, they bonded over the topic of Cute Coats, and now have a constant text convo going in which they talk about coats they have loved, and coats they have bought. (On that topic, we ran a post earlier today in which I found you some duplicates for Meghan’s great oxblood leather moto jacket, if that’s something you’re into.) This is ALSO a very good coat, and, frankly, I think A Love of Good Coats is an excellent attribute for a potential duchess. They wear a LOT of coats in the UK, after all.

b) It’s very cute that Meghan brought her mom to this. This has to be slightly surreal for her parents — as it would be for anyone’s parents. (We thought about this a lot, obviously, while we were writing The Royal We, which, uh, if you’re into these two and haven’t read yet, I mean, I think you might like?)

c) She is just full-on heart-eyes emoji face whenever she looks at him and they are VERY CUTE and loved-up together. It makes my heart feel all warm and gooey. You two! Hurry up and get engaged. We NEED THIS right now.

I mean, look:

Aw. You guys.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]