We bring you much to discuss today, Fug Nation! We’ve got patterns! We’ve got a random wedding with a great dress! There’s cheese! There’s a poorly done cape! There’s drinking! There’s pointing! There’s Meghan in a very cute leather skirt! ENJOY.

Earlier this week:

Meghan wore a purple dress (and we had muuuucccchhhhh discussion about the ITV doc).

We took a look at Kate’s entire wardrobe from the Pakistan trip!

And the new Japanese Emperor was enthroned and it was VERY interesting and also sparkly.

And we got a new trailer for The Crown – A REAL ONE, at last.

Elsewhere of potential interest:

There’s a lot of interesting Catherine the Great stuff coming out in advance of the HBO/Helen Mirren miniseries. At T&C:  Grigory Potemkin and Catherine the Great Have One of History’s Greatest Love Stories

And, at Jezebel, this great interview with the program’s costume designer, Maja Meschede.

Also at Jezebel, this story has been getting a lot of play on the internet but they don’t mention that, uh, Diana’s stepmother was….very mean.  Having said that, you shouldn’t push people down the stairs: Princess Diana Once Shoved Her Stepmother Down a Flight of Stairs

If you think things are dramatic for the British Royal Family right now — and THEY ARE! — check this out: Thai king strips ‘disloyal’ new royal consort of titles. [Reuters]

I am surprised to be linking to Ask a Manager in Royals Round-Up AND YET this week it was pertinent.

Even the BBC is getting into this Harry/William thing. Just two years ago, Heather and I were saying to each other that the BRF had gotten boring. WELL. Boring no more, if nothing else.

Prince Andrew continues to be gross — but I did enjoy that someone speaking out about him is GFY regular…Lady Victoria Hervey. GO LADY VIC! [Lainey]

And, over on social media:

This is NEAT:

I LOVE this dress on Kate. (It’s this LK Bennett.)

Good for Edward!!!

I have no idea what’s happening here, but it’s dramatic and there’s a good cape;

Good for Euj:

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