Every time I get to Friday, I AM PLEASED.

Do you need a new day planner? We rounded them up! (And the conversation about which was fun.)

We also talked about the nitty-gritty of self-care.

Fascinating, at KCET: The Complex Life of Griffith J. Griffith. Griffith is very famous here in Los Angeles — our biggest park, and our famous observatory is named for him — but I imagine very very few people are aware that he, uh, stole his wife’s fortune and shot her in the face.

These are the logistics I’m interested in: Bathrooms at ‘Hamilton’: Can 200 women make it through 16 stalls in a 20-minute intermission? (This is in the Philadelphia Inquirer, but I remember getting in a HUGE line for the Hamilton bathrooms in New York and the woman running the line telling me, “don’t worry. We’ve got this down to a science. You’ll get through,” and we DID. The woman running the line in Philly is similarly ON IT and she — I say this sincerely — deserves a raise and maybe a medal.)

At Lainey, we’ve got some interesting Ben Affleck intel.

This is a really good piece in Marie Claire about female presidential campaign staffers.

At The Mary Sue, intriguing: Marvel Exploring Options to Replace Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye Following Allegations

This is quite worth a read, at the New York Times, and way more interesting than the headline indicates: One Family Built Forever 21, and Fueled Its Collapse

Really good, and mildly terrifying, at Fashionista: Most Fashion Brands Don’t Know Enough About Their Carbon Footprints to Actually Shrink Them.

At Pajiba: Pete Davidson and His Magical, Uh, Personality Has Been Romantically Linked to Another Celebrity

Alexandra Petri is a GIFT, and this is very funny, at WaPo: ‘The Social Network,’ rewritten to reflect the true origin of Facebook

At Celebitchy: Alright, let’s talk about this stupid Selena Gomez-Hailey Baldwin drama

I should have done better at this quiz, at The Cut: Are These Town & Country Cover Lines Real or Fake?

Over at Socialite Life, wow: Rose McGowan Suing Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom for Intimidation. I’m interested to see how this pans out.