So much to cover today! Wills and Kate had an event which we dealt with earlier in its own post. Also: Mathilde and Phillipe are visiting Japan! Letizia wore an amazing suit! The Spanish princesses were cute! A pretender to a throne (!!!!) got married!

And in case you missed it earlier this week:

Wills and Kate and Harry came out to ride the London Eye.

And Kate took her first solo international visit, to the Netherlands.


The King of Thailand died this week, and apparently the heir to the throne is problematic and, in short…this may all be interesting. [The BBC]

– Speaking of succession questions, in The Express: Queen criticized for lobbying politicians to make Prince Charles head of Commonwealth

– Rumor has it that Kate’s got her stylist making over Wills, too, and I actually think that makeover has been wholly successful. [Vanity Fair]

– At Town and Country: 7 Things to Know About Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend’s Love Affair

– Order of Splendor has fascinating coverage of the Albanian “royal” wedding. (Can you use the word “royal” without air quotes when the groom is a PRETENDER TO THE THRONE? Which is also one of my favorite phrases, also.)

Some great looks from Queen Rania this week: