So, not much happened this week, eh? HAHAHAHAHAH OMG au contraire, friends! In addition to all of the above — in which we’ve got children, a doggie, capes, a gong, and a great deal of wine — there’s also the small matter of Prince Andrew (finally) stepping away from royal life “indefinitely” in the wake of his truly disastrous and inept (on his part) BBC interview over the weekend.  We’ve talked about this in various posts across the site this week, but obviously feel free to continue the discussion here.

Also, Wills and Kate had an event on Monday, if you missed it.

Elsewhere of interest:

The Guardian has a good piece on how this whole Andrew thing went down.

And Lainey has a good explainer on the latest (as of this writing), including what I’m wondering about: Is there more to come here?

At Oprah: Why Doesn’t The Crown Show How Princess Margaret Helped Create Modern Astrology?

Related, at T&C, a v. interesting piece about Princess Alice, Philip’s fascinating mother — who deserves her own miniseries, frankly.

Also at T&C, ALERT! Kate Middleton Collaborating with Mary Berry on Christmas Cooking Show, According to Reports

And, on social media:

It’s a sword, but I briefly thought the Queen was holding a WAND here:

This jacket is glam:

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but this is a good tapestry AND a good library ladder:

This is a great pic, and I have a translation of the caption, thanks to a very kind Fug National: “Yesterday, the Crown Princess visited the 1st Marine Regiment at Berga in the Stockholm archipelago. The amphibious battalion is part of the military defense force, and serves as the link between the naval and armed forces. The Crown Princess began by visiting the battalion’s chapel. Then the Crown Princess received a demonstration of how the frogmen work, and how they deal with divers who have been injured. The amphibious battalion trains divers who are tasked with things like salvaging objects, reconnaissance, clearing mines, and destroying ammunition in the water and on land. At the conclusion of her visit, the Crown Princess took part in a drill.”

The cast of The Crown was on Graham Norton, and it was DELIGHTFUL! For example, here’s HBC talking about how she consulted a psychic to get permission from Princess Margaret to take on that role, with bonus Chadwick Boseman — sort of. It more sounds like she was seeing the psychic for something else and Margaret SHOWED UP? Which I love:

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