Another week done, and if you don’t mind, I may need a nap.

Do you need a snazzy new coat? We rounded them up.

We had a really good chat this week about the projects you’re working on.

At the New York Times: Is There Anything We Can All Agree On? Yes: Dolly Parton. AGREED.

Also at the NYT: They’ve cancelled the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and that’s probably for the best.

This piece at the New Yorker about the Park Slope Food Co-op is SO GOOD.

Really worth your time, at the New York Times: A Designer’s Suicide and the Clothes He Left Behind

At the Los Angeles Times, this is really an excellent piece (and lengthy) about a female homicide detective in Anaheim, and some cases she’s working about a series of missing women.

At Baffler: The Afterlife of Newsies

At Lainey, I love this semi-random rumor that Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat are dating. DO IT, ALIA.

This is so interesting, at Vox: Costume design for animated movies is ridiculously difficult. The team behind Frozen 2 explains why.

I felt seen by this piece at Flare: Call Me Basic, But Candles Are My Favorite Winter Self-Care

But I’ve NEVER felt more seen that I was by this, at McSweeney’s: I AM A TRADER JOE’S PARKING LOT AND I AM HERE TO DESTROY YOU. (The caps aren’t intentional but seem apt.)

Over at Celebitchy: ALERT! Joan Collins hates jeans, calls them tragic and can’t stand when they have holes

At Socialite Life, I CANNOT: The 2nd Cats Trailer Has Arrived and It’s Bonkers

This is entertaining at GQ: Is This Nicolas Cage Movie Plot Real or Fake?