As we head into The Holiday Season, it seemed timely to discuss What You’re Working On, because it seems like now is the time of year when projects and crafts really swing into full gear. I may be saying that because I have a giant book deadline, but I also think that: (a) People get crafty around Thanksgiving onward, and (b) as we barrel toward the end of the year, everyone’s New Year’s resolutions come home to roost, and sometimes those are things like, “learn Spanish” or  “read 50 books,” and you throw yourself back into them.  (I confess that I do not even remember what my New Year’s resolution was this year, so let’s decide it was “finally hang those paintings in the bedroom,” because I just did that.) Regardless, however, please share with us what you’re working on — at work, at home, as a charitable endeavor, in your garden, whatever. And if it’s something like, “I started selling the socks I knit on Etsy,” feel free to post the link! (The paintings I hung were done by a Fug National who shared her wares in one of these very posts, in fact!)