What EXCELLENT timing for this book giveaway, as The Crown’s third season premiered just this Sunday! And what is the content of this book, I hear you ask? Behold:

In this eye-opening companion to seasons 2 and 3 of Netflix’s acclaimed series The Crown, renowned biographer—and the show’s historical consultant—Robert Lacey takes us through the real history that inspired the drama.

Covering two tumultuous decades in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Lacey looks at the key social, political, and personal moments and their effects—not only on the royal family but also on the world around them. From the Suez Crisis and the U.S.–Soviet space race to the legacy of the Duke of Windsor’s collaboration with Hitler, along with the rumored issues with the royal marriage, the book provides a thought-provoking insight into the historic decades that the show explores, revealing the truth behind the on-screen drama.

Extensively researched and complete with beautifully reproduced photographs, this is a unique look behind the history that inspired the show and the years that would prove to be the making of the Queen.

That sounds quite excellent!

THE TASK:  We have three copies to give away. As usual, I’ll be picking the winners at random. To enter, please comment and answer the following question: Imagine that magic is real and we are able to bend the boundaries of the real and fictional worlds. You wake up in one episode of The Crown and must live through the entire thing. Which episode is it? (This can be either an actual episode — like, say, the one where Princess Margaret falls for Anthony Armstrong-Jones, so you get to make out with Matthew Goode/Vanessa Kirby — or one that is sure to come, like, for example The One Where Charles and Diana get married. You may wake up in the body of whomever you choose in your episode!)

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