We had much coverage of the Waleses — real and fake — on GFY this week. In case you missed it:

We also did a whole big fat slide show of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, including a peek back at her wedding gown.

And in this here slideshow, we’ve got all kinds of delights, like hats! People giving the thumbs up! Wedding gowns! Balcony kisses! The Queen lurking in wait behind a bush!

And elsewhere, for your Royals Reading Interests:

Kate and William’s country house is almost finished (paid for wholly by private funds) and I cannot wait until she has us all over to go swimming. I will make my lemon bars, Kate. They are unparalleled! (People)

Tom Sykes says that Cressida and Harry are possibly trying to work it out, but I don’t believe it. He’s hooking up with cute blonde Americans and she’s surely very busy reorganizing her scrunchie drawer and planning her big summer of music festivals. My personal feeling,  which I have no real facts to back up, is that Cressida, like fetch, ne’er shall happen. (Edit: Especially given the news that’s currently coming out, of which there is not at the moment a story to which I can link, but I will when I can, that he’s been faffing about with go-go dancers. That seems about right.) (Daily Beast)

– Speaking of Harry, the husband of a Fug National was a member of the press on Harry’s Italian jaunt, and he wrote about it for his blog. With pictures!

– Netflix is making a new series with Peter Morgan (no relation AS FAR AS I KNOW) and Stephen Daldry about QE2’s entire reign, with a budget of (allegedly) $170 millllllllion dollars and a cast of kajillions. I am going to watch that so hard. (The Telegraph)

– In (VERY) old school royals news, remember when they found Richard III’s bones under a car park? They’re going to re-bury him next year — marking the 530th anniversary of his death in battle —  in Leicester Cathedral. THAT ought to be a CEREMONY. (The Telegraph)

– Wills and Kate (and a bunch of others, including Chaz and Her Maj) are confirmed heading to France in early June for the D-Day events. (We’re getting Kate and William this upcoming week in Scotland, as well, so get out your tea and biscuits and let’s speculate on what she might wear.) (E! Online)

Little Princess Estelle of Sweden went on a walkabout this week — of the Royal PR variety, not the John Locke of Lost variety — shaking hands and accepting flowers like a wee pro at two years old. She is extremely cute. (Hello!)

– Speaking of cute babies, Princess Madeleine of Sweden has unveiled her new baby Leonore (via new pictures, not by, like, setting her on a table and whipping a cloth off her like a magician) and like all three-month old babies, Leonore does not care. (If you want to revisit Princess Madeleine’s Royal Wedding, it is here. I forgot that their story is DRAAAAMATIC.) (Hello!)

Royal Central examines the “royal tradition of afternoon tea,” and now I want some clotted cream.

– CBC News takes a look at how, in their words,  “Camilla found her niche.”

– Princess Charlene hosted the Louis Vuitton resort show and we sadly had no pictures available to us, but The Royal Couturier has all the details. I have my doubts about what she’s wearing. As usual.

– The Royal Round-Up has a great, in-depth, and very funny, look back at the Letizia/Felipe wedding. There are some HATS, you guys.

[Photos: Getty, Splash, WENN, Anthony Devlin/PA Wire, Pacific Coast News]