Greetings! It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States — already! This year is moving crazy fast — so we will be on a more relaxed posting schedule until Tuesday, May 27th. Americans, enjoy your potato salad! Everyone else, I hope your Monday brings you an unexpected infusion of cash and welcome declarations of love. While you’re dealing with all of that…..

– We asked the important questions at Vanity Fair this week, namely: WHO WORE IT BEST: FAKE PRINCE HARRY OR REAL PRINCE HARRY? The answer may surpr — wait, no, it totally won’t. (Vanity Fair)

– The Hollywood Reporter has a great roundtable with several great television actresses — Keri Russell! Claire Danes! Julianna Margulies! — about all kinds of good, juicy stuff, including Clooney, and sex scenes.(Note, if you’re not caught up on The Americans, Bates Motel, Homeland, The Good Wife, Mad Men or American Horror Story, spoilers abound.)

– From The Telegraph: “My father, ‘the British Schindler.’ Nicholas Winton, who turned 105 this week, rescued 669 children from the Nazis. His daughter Barbara tells his extraordinary story.” It will probably make you cry.

– Alyssa Rosenberg says, “Men, stop lecturing women about reading romance novels,” and the whole piece is so good. Go read whatever you want! (Act Four)

– This headline amuses: The Latest South Korean Dance Craze: Soap-Opera Fake Slaps. I can do this one! (The Cut)

– Also from The Cut, this will speak to you: How To Get Your Body Caftan-Ready for Summer.

– Speaking of, you for sure want to read what ALT is packing for Kimye’s wedding this weekend. The list begins with caftans. PLURAL. (Vogue)

RIGGINS! (Buzzfeed)

Renee Zellweger looks totally happy with her new boyfriend, and he is wearing the craziest outfit, you guys. He looks like they’re going to a Shampoo-themed party. As long as she’s happy? (Lainey)

–The Atlantic traces the evolution of airplane food and it’s super interesting.

– Celebitchy is asking the important questions: So is Sarah Paulson dating Pedro Pascal (GoT’s Prince Oberyn) or what?

–Speaking of, I talked to the Los Angeles Review of Books about WTF Dany Targaryen was wearing this week. (LARB)

– StyleCaster did the important work and named the 10 Best Dance Scenes from Beverly Hills 90210.

– Timothy Olymphant’s birthday was this week and Pajiba undertook the surely horrible task of bringing us many pictures of him shirtless.

–And Vulture’s doing God’s work with this: Jon Hamm making silly faces in nice clothes.