I mean, it’s a whole hell of a lot better:

I am not sure the pants are supposed to be quite so bunchy all the way down (and the rest of it also seems fitted oddly and shoved around, as if the primary objective was to make his shoulders look broad and show off the arm tattoos). But then again, this is a person who until recently seemed to believe pants were supposed to include a superhuman amount of bulge space and/or fasten under the buttocks, and it’s pleasant to see him looking human and relatively rational. In other words, one small step for man is, in fact, one giant leap for Biebkind.

Edited to add: I didn’t see the mustache at first. It’s… not good, if that’s what it is. But still: Considering his behavioral optics were bad enough for him to be left out of Fug Madness, I’m just glad he’s dressed, and in clothes that appear to be staying on him.

[Photo: Getty]