In which Her Majesty is DELIGHTED by horses, Letizia wears a glorious day dress, there is commemorative spread for sale, and I’m still into Prince William.

Also, in case you missed it, we wrote this article for W, which I would have titled SHUT UP SAMANTHA MARKLE!!

We also talked to Getty Images about the upcoming royal wedding.

We also were quoted in this WSJ story: The Guilty Pleasure of Copying Meghan Markle’s Style

We got new pics of Baby Louis and Princess Charlotte!

There is a new Harry and Meghan wax figure and it’s not as hideous as I feared it would be!

Fug Nation had a chat about your Royal Wedding Watching plans!

And, of course, the Lifetime Harry & Meghan movie airs on Sunday, and I will recap it here…at some point next week. (I’m aiming for Monday, because we leave for the UK on Tuesday and I’ve got stuff to do!)

Other places and faces of interest:

At The Takeout, look at all these wacky Royal Wedding promotional tie-ins. Chili’s made cuff links?!?!

Paper opines: There’s Never Been a Better Time to be a Royal Watcher

At Maclean’s: Despite all the preparations, royal weddings can sometimes go so very wrong. I am fairly certain next Saturday will go better than this: “In 1736, a nervous teenager, Princess Augusta of Sax-Gotha left her German home for an exhausting trip to Britain in order to marry the kingdom’s heir, Frederick, Prince of Wales, a man 13 years her senior whom she’d seen just briefly before their wedding. He wasn’t interested in her, but wanted the arranged marriage to be financially free of his estranged, controlling father, King George II. Speaking no English, the German 16-year-old bride married just over a week after she arrived in Britain. She was so nervous that she vomited all over her gown and that of her mother-in-law, Queen Caroline.”

Town and Country examines: What It Was Like to Recreate Meghan Markle’s Wardrobe for Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance

FASCINATING, at Vanity Fair: “There’s Nothing Wrong with Falling from Grace”: The Global Network of Monarchists Helping Deposed Kings and Queens.

At Jezebel, this is very charming and interesting: We Asked a Viscountess and Ladies of London Star About What Lies Ahead for Meghan Markle

At Racked: The Scrutiny and Anonymity of Royal Hairdressers 

And, on social media:



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