Does this slideshow include a great sequined dress? IT DOES.

We had a lot of Cambridge/Sussex outings this week. In case you missed anything:

Wills and Kate and Harry and Meghan and Camilla and Anne and the Queen celebrated Chaz’s 50th anniversary of his investiturization as Prince of Wales I KNOW IT’S NOT REALLY CALLED THAT GET OFF MY BACK.

Wills and Kate visited Blackpool, while Harry and Meghan did WE Day.

And Meghan was on a panel for International Women’s Day this morning.

And, elsewhere:

Elle is reporting that they’ve heard directly from “close friends” of Meghan that she does not use a stylist at all, and “is responsible for her own meteoric rise as a fashion influencer.” So…I do not believe this story, exactly. Meghan is not calling in all the stuff she might wear, and then keeping it organized and then sending back what doesn’t work. Someone is doing the legwork. Someone is helping her; that’s what a stylist does. AND THAT IS AS IT SHOULD BE.  Meghan’s wardrobe is a massive amount of work, and she has a lot of other stuff to do. This is something that needs delegation and I’m sure it has been delegated. Do I think Meghan is calling the shots as far as her wardrobe goes? Absolutely! But I think, essentially, that this is a…semantical dodge. My suspicion is that this — is it a leak if it’s just one of your friends calling a major glossy to tell them something?  — is intended to make her look relatable, but it wasn’t really something that needed to be clarified. There was not some scandal that Meghan is paying Karla Welch a $500,000 retainer to style her (although I wish she would! Karla is great at her job!). There are a lot of people just randomly calling up People and Elle and Harper’s Bazaar lately to talk about Meghan and I assume this is at the direction of The New Sussex Press Dude but ultimately, I’m not sure how effective I think it is.  The thing is, I don’t think Meghan is telling her friends, “hey, call Elle and say nice stuff about me”….

…because in fact Jessica Mulroney had a big profile in Harper’s Bazaar this week and didn’t talk about Meghan at all. So. I don’t know what is going on, exactly. Are her low-level friends just super blabby? (I actually would totally believe some of her friends think they’re being helpful and know reporters via their own jobs and have caught Prince Albert Disease and have just started calling magazines to be chatty.)

Anyway. At Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl reports: What the Recent Royal Calendars Can Tell Us About the Future of Kensington Palace

At Glamour: The Royal Family Just Issued Strict Social Media Guidelines for Commenters. This is probably for the best. (I actually think they should just disable comments but no one asks me. No one has the constitutional right to tell other people to fuck off on Instagram.)

This is fascinating: Thailand’s Constitutional Court dissolves party that presented a princess as its candidate. [Washington Post]

Via Historic Royal Places: Badass Queens in History for International Women’s Day

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