Happy International Women’s Day to us all. I keep thinking of something Laura Brown put on her Instagram yesterday: “So cool that ladies get a whole day out of 365.” (As you can imagine, the comments were all over the map, including some dudes complaining that they don’t even get one day, ignoring that (a) this isn’t a federal holiday and (b) EVERY DAY IS MEN’S DAY.) But since you asked, I’d like equal pay.

It seems I woke up salty today.

The following is very apt news for today, given that this event is the International Women’s Day Queen’s Commonwealth Trust panel discussion, an event which has a lot of nouns in its title:

Fun fact, today Meghan’s brooch — and YAY FOR A BROOCH! — is the logo of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. I hope this event opens a new frontier of Meaningful Brooch Wearing for us all.

I enjoyed this clip from today’s discussion. Meghan is extremely smart — and yes, she should definitely DEFINITELY stay off Twitter.

Listen, I may not always love what Meghan’s wearing but there’s never any controversy about her brains:

But as for what she is wearing! The dress is Reiss — it’s not a maternity dress and it’s also, as I type this, not yet sold out. It’s obviously much roomier when you don’t have a fetus percolating underneath there. (It’s also got long sleeves, for those curious.) The blazer is her old McQueen blazer, which you might remember from this look, which is one of my all-time favorites of hers. The bag is CUTE and it’s Stella, and also a regular standby of hers. The heels are also classic Manolos, and must be very trusty because she trots them out a lot. (I got all my fashion credits from Meghan’s Mirror today; thank you, as ever, ladies!) Let’s take a closer look in the slideshow, shall we?

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