So that blazer up there? Sources (Nina’s Instagram) indicate that it’s Monse. Whoops, the Monse folks accidentally got some Oscar de la Renta in their funkier off-shoot! FWIW, I love it. God, is this what learning and growing and changing and evolving feels like? Because I am generally not into that.

She also looks super in this, in yet another installation in one of my fave Celebrity Photo Genres: Ladies in Great Day Dresses Walking Out of Hotels Looking Amazing:

Nina Dobrev Looks Effortlessly Chic While in Paris

(a) I want it (it’s this Rouje dress; Rouje is a French line that I, uh, really like and wish I didn’t know about; I already spend too much time admiring French day dresses online and not buying them because I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AND I DON’T NEED A TEA DRESS), and (b) I appreciate that she looks like she packed for Paris so everything coordinates, like a real person. I wish you were a bigger star, Nina Dobrev, because I really do love you.

[Photo: Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock,]