Greetings and salutations! On the heels of yesterday’s Double Duchess Event — which many of you on our Facebook page kindly pointed out was actually a TRIPLE Duchess event, as I sorta forgot to count Camilla — I bring you yet another twofer. Meghan made an unscheduled appearance with Harry at WE Day — Harry perhaps understanding who the draw is in this relationship at the moment (NO OFFENSE TO YOU, HARRY) — whilst Kate and Wills were dashing around Blackpool, hugging and learning  So I just whacked them all in here together for once (in part because Meghan just popped out in jeans and a blazer and waved).  Let’s enjoy this Royal Salad. (What would be in a Royal Salad? I’m hungry.) (So many parenthesis!!)

Today brings cute tiny bags, good blazers, a fancy stick, and an intriguing dress. Let’s begin!

Meghan got a HUGE WELCOME when Harry brought her out on stage:

That has to really twist the knickers of the people who think she’s destroying the monarchy, eh? I dunno you guys, I think maybe it’s all gonna be okay.

Other good bits and bobs from today:

This library is SO cute:

It did stop raining:

This is an excellent cause:


[I joke! As I have noted here many times before, W&K hold hands off-duty often — I know this because I’m a bad person who looks at paparazzi shots — but I can’t wait for all the articles that are like MEGHAN AND HARRY HAVE CHANGED WILLIAM AND KATE IN THE SWEETEST WAY CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW that don’t note that the above was snapped in their own backyard/which are written with like literally no knowledge of this vital hand-holding history. Can you tell this is my pet peeve?! CONSULT A YOUNG ROYAL HAND-HOLDING SCHOLAR, GLOSSY MAGAZINE!]

Also, this is good. William needs more accessories:


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