You guys, I’m so tired this week! WHY IS THAT? Maybe I have SAD and I never knew it because Los Angeles has never IN HISTORY been this cold and rainy. Anyway, here’s some stuff to read.

Luke Perry died and I’m really sad. This is what I wrote about it.

Related, at Buzzfeed: 19 Luke Perry Stories That Show What An Amazing Person He Was

At the Washington Post: For International Women’s Day, here are 7 of history’s greatest women-led protests

This is SO GOOD, at Decider: Remembering The “Fellini Summer” Of Julia Roberts: A Broken Engagement, An Emergency Hospital Stay, And Clashes With Steven Spielberg. Can you imagine if that had happened in the age of the internet?

I rounded up some cute low-heeled shoes that you probably will be able to walk in.

We also had another great book chat.

Speaking of books, this is right up my street, at the New York Times: Behold, the Tiniest of Books

This is a great piece at The Atlantic, about Reality Bites (and its very under-appreciated screenwriter).

Fascinating, at The Guardian: ‘Underwear dates well’: how fashion forensics are helping solve crimes

At Lainey, did you know Rita Ora was dating Andrew Garfield? NOT ANYMORE!

At Town & Country: You Have the Founding Mothers of Champagne to Thank for the Bubbly You Drink Today

I’m glad Drew Magary didn’t die, for a lot of reasons, but one of them is pieces like this, at Deadspin: Stop Enabling Barstool’s Shit

This is really interesting and good, at the New York Times: The 25 Songs That Matter Right Now.

Also at Lainey: Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are so great together.

At Pajiba, this was really interesting: The Most Gripping ‘Ask Me Anything’ in a Long Time is About Glaciers

Over at Celebitchy, this is such a huge bummer: ‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek, 78, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Vogue piece about women doing the Iditarod is really neat.

I really enjoyed this, at Arc: On Schmaltz: How a Jewish cookbook helped me recover my lost heritage

At The Mary Sue, I’m excited for this! Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson are Comedy Gold in Late Night Trailer

Finally, I’m going to share something from a Fug National, who runs a camp for trans kids and their families every summer, who you may remember from previous years:

“Hi! I’m Tina, a longtime reader here and I’ve put together a weekend camp for transgender youth and their families: Tertium Quid. 2019 is its third year, and it’s fully funded by donations from individuals and a few grants. The camp is free to attend and fully staffed with volunteers. GFY readers have been loyal supporters since Year One – thank you! I wanted to let you know that we still – always – need your help, in whatever form it may take. Financial donations (tax-deductible!) are always welcome, of course, and you can donate through our support page. BUT if you’d like to help in other ways, like volunteer your time, help with supplies (we do a lot of crafty things!) or any other idea (or just want to learn more) – please reach out! It’s an amazing weekend for the children and families, and it wouldn’t happen without your help, so THANK YOU AGAIN!”

Tina then added as an aside that Project Runway’s Austin Scarlett came to the camp last year and MADE CAPES WITH THE KIDS FOR THEIR FASHION SHOW!!!! If there is anything that Fug Nation supports as a group, I do think it’s capes.