Let me be honest with you: I LOVE my high heels. I think they’re gorgeous. I also love my flats! They’re usually (though not always) easier to walk in and also often quite sassy. But sometimes you have those days where you do not want to wear a FULL FLAT but you cannot deal with a COMPLETE HEEL. Enter…the Lower Heel. A few weeks ago, I think I mentioned that the nice people at Everlane sent me a pair of their Day Heels to wear. (Note: I wear their Modern Loafer like four days a week; I LOVE those shoes. I just noticed that they are now making them in red, which is EXTREMELY ON BRAND for me and might be my next purchase.) The Day Heel is, I think, better looking in person than it is in photographs — mine kind of look to me like Queen Elizabeth’s iconic black pumps as redesigned by a hipster and I am into that. They’re SO COMFORTABLE. (Having said that: I have a very high arch, and it was initially hard for me to keep them on my feet, because of their gathered back, so if you too have feet like that, bear that in mind. The trick is that you have to REALLY make sure the back of your heel is against the back of the shoe. Also the reviews about the sizing are all over the place. For reference: My other Everlane shoes are a 6, but I needed the 5.5 in these? But other reviewers sized up? It’s confusing.)  I also have a part of Chunky Lower Heels from J.Crew that I wear a lot (these, but mine are velvet).  I’ve also been coveting these Sarah Flint ones for a long while. Thank god, these shoes are on trend now because they ARE useful and you have many more non-dowdy options in this arena than perhaps you did five years ago.


FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all shoes were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking wine and watching college basketball. Everlane did gift me a pair of Day Heels, with no expectation of coverage, and all opinions — as always! — are my own. (I’d never lie to you!)