The theme of this week’s Royals Round-Up is ROYAL BABIES. Crown Princess Victoria had her son, Oscar, on Wednesday — Estelle must be thrilled — and Charlene went out with Jacques, who is so cute and squashy. All that, plus QE2 makes doubtful faces at SCIENCE.

And elsewhere:

– There are new commemorative mugs (and other pieces of china) in the works for the Queen’s birthday and OBVIOUSLY I NEED ONE. (Royal Central)

– The headline made me laugh: What It’s Like to Go ‘Rolling Around on the Floor’ with Prince Harry at a Club. (People)

– Order of Splendor has a GREAT coat on Crown Princess Mary.

– The Court Jeweller has a look at some of the Duchess of Devonshire’s jewels, which were auctioned on Wednesday in London.

– Said auction raised nearly two million pounds, per the BBC.

– Last week, we saw Maxima and family skiing, and like THE VERY NEXT DAY, Princess Alexia broke her leg. (She’s fine.) (Hello!)

– Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex are on a visit to the Bahamas. The Countess Wessex blog has the scoop!