We made it through the Oscars! If you haven’t voted on Fug Nation’s Best Dressed of the Oscars, or Fug Nation’s Worst Dressed of the Oscars, make sure you get over there and weigh in.

While we wait for the Downton finale on Sunday, you should know that Matthews Rhys and Goode have a show on ITV that’s just them being charming in Italy and drinking wine. WHY are we not all extras in this program? Look at it:

– Heather and I also weighed in on Oscar fashion for Cosmo.

– As we wait for the Downton finale, print out Maclean’s Downton Finale Bingo Cards!

– Pajiba brings us The Worst Lessons from 90s Teen Movies.

Paper takes a look back at the late, non-lamented mani-cam.

— Your cocktail recipe of the week might be much needed this time of year: The Penicillin.

– Columbia Journalism Review wonders, why are horoscopes and media a match? It’s very interesting.

– It’s an oral history of The Golden Girls! (Frontiers)

– At The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Mad Max’ Costume Designer Jenny Beavan on Her Oscar Win: “I Don’t Mind in the Least If They Didn’t Clap”

– I feel like we need to talk about this news that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are dating. (Lainey)

Racked has a long, interesting read about Kate Spade, in which both Heather and I are quoted. I would like to note for the record that — as regular readers surely know — when I say that Spade reminds me of something “your crazy old aunt” would wear, that is a compliment, as I PERSONALLY like to dress like someone’s crazy old aunt.

– Claire Zulkey looked at seven decades of Playboy centerfolds, and reports back.

– Amy Adams DID NOT have a good time filming American Hustle. The more I read about David O Russell, the more grossed out I am by Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship with him. (Celebitchy)

– Look at all these jeans! (The New Potato)