What a busy week! Mostly for me, but also for the royals. Please join us for a catch-up – it’s got Lionel Richie, a wacky bird, ample drinking, a cute doggie, a handsome cricket player, and one rapidly expanding bald spot (sorry, Harry!).

And, in case you missed it earlier in the week:

Wills and Kate did their tradish St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Handout.

Kate had a series of engagements on Tuesday (including with the Queen), and Harry and Meghan came out to sign the book of condolence at the New Zealand High Commission.

Elsewhere on the internets:

I KNOW you want to see Chaz and Camz in their swimsuits on the beach. (Honestly, they both look quite fit. Camilla’s tank bathing suit is so sensible yet flattering on her. Also, can you IMAGINE Wills and Kate or Meghan and Harry coming out in their bathing suits to take a dip on one of these trips? People would LOSE THEIR MINDS. [Which is insane. Human people are allowed to go to the beach on vacation. We all have bodies.]) [Marie Claire]

The last few days, I’ve found myself wondering what Meghan’s ACTUAL due date is, and I kinda suspect we’re never going to know. (We never had a confirmed due date for any of the Cambridge babies, but we always had A DATE, because I always had it BURNED ON MY BRAIN for work purposes. I just can’t remember when said date would leak out. ) In fact, I don’t think we’re going to know much of anything about this baby until he or she arrives, and I personally even doubt we’re going to get the Hospital Photocall, mostly because I think they’re is not going to want to do it (and I also don’t think Wills and Kate would do it if they didn’t have to; as much as I personally love getting to see that baby IMMMMMEDIATELY, it’s totally legit to want to pass on parading your new little family to the world mere hours after the baby arrives). On the other hand, Andrew and Fergie did it with both girls. Back to the first hand, I don’t think Andy had the same kind of enmity toward the press that Wills and Harry have (for good reason). Anyway! I don’t have a pertinent link here.

I kinda forgot to deal with this last week, but Bea and her new bf basically went public last week. I don’t have a great feeling about this but good luck, you two! [The Cut]

The Court Jeweller has good coverage of Queen Margrethe’s very day-dress-y trip to Argentina.

And, in social media developments:

This is a LOOK:

I know this is one of their uniforms, but this one is always a little goofy to me.

I saw this photo quickly and thought that Kate had worn some outfit I missed! (She just put on an apron.)

The song choice here makes it seem like this is going to a whimsical collection of Queen Goofs and Pratfalls:

Estelle is so cute:

I really enjoyed this video, even though I don’t know what was happening. Google Translate tells me it’s 2019’s “Parliamentary coup” and, um, that doesn’t seem quite right:

This looks manly!! (And cold.)

Crown Prince Frederik is at a wind farm:

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