Happy St. Patrick’s Day — or, as I’ve come to know it over the years, the day when I think, “do I need a green coat?” (I do not. DO I?) This year, that feeling is prompted a new custom Alexander McQueen coat, and, friends, I love it. (Today also would have been Alexander McQueen’s fiftieth birthday.) This coat feels VERY much like something one might wear if one were starring in a big-budget period piece about rich people having serious romantic problems during olden times — and, as regular readers know, I can give no higher praise. (At first glance, I actually thought it was a skirt suit because of the detailing around the hips, and it appears that I would also be at home for Kate choosing to go through the rest of the year dressed like an extremely chic employee of Bletchley Park. Which reminds me: I just read a very diverting Rhys Bowen book partially set at Bletchley Park that I think many of you would enjoy.)

LITERARY SIDEBAR OVER. As ever, there is video:

Let’s take a closer look! Spoiler: This post has more gazing that I thought it might, which is a nice surprise. Also I accidentally downloaded more photos than I strictly need, which is what happens when you start working before you’ve had you first cup of coffee. ENJOY ‘EM.

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