First of all, I know we have a lot of readers in New Zealand, and I want to extend all our love and condolences in the wake of the terrible terror attack in Christchurch. I know there’s really nothing that can be said to make this better, but please know that you are all in our thoughts and hearts; I hope you’re all okay. If you are moved to help, this is a (verified) fundraiser for victims and their families.

I guess it’s good that I haven’t yet mastered the tonal shift from Acknowledging a Nightmarish Event into Introducing Interesting Links, but…here it is:

This is a very lovely piece in the Atlantic about a group of women who became friends by commenting on the Jezebel boards. There is something VERY quintessentially mid-aughts about making friends on message boards. (Note: MOST of my current adult friends came from message boards, including [essentially] Heather.)

Do you need a new Fancy Lady Lawyer (or whatever) Shirt? We have suggestions!

At Lainey: So, this college admissions scandale is INSANE. Like….fully insane.

Related: Celebitchy wonders what I’ve been wondering: What will happen to all of Lori Loughlin & Felicity Huffman’s films & TV projects?

The New York Times article about museum logistics — and how they clean out their collections — is FASCINATING.

This headline at Vulture truly says it all: Why Are There So Many Movies About Horny Dancers Going Insane and Killing Each Other?

Also at Lainey: J.Lo and A.Rod are engaged, which feels super right, and now that crackpot Jose Canseco is involved, which honestly ALSO feels kind of right.

Samuel L Jackson’s interview in Esquire is really good. (Carvell Wallace is such a great writer. See, magazines? HIRE PROFESSIONALS TO WRITE THESE THINGS.)

Fashionista wonders: Is it possible to become a mega-influencer anymore?

At the Washington Post:  ‘It was like opening a time capsule’: Woman reunited with purse she lost 65 years ago. The idea of losing my purse for 65 years gives me mega anxiety.

Pajiba is answering all my questions: What’s Up with Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson?

Are you in Indianapolis? The Indiana State Museum has a new exhibit curated by a Fug National called Color of Style, and you should check it out. Let me quote her email about it: “It has more than 50 ensembles from our collection dating from 1763 to today, and explores the intersection of fashion, color, and identity. Basically — why do we wear the colors that we do? And how has that changed throughout history? It has everything from handwoven, hand-dyed dresses to gowns by Indiana designers Norman Norell, Halston, Stephen Sprouse, and Bill Blass.” It sounds rad — go and check it out!