Happy Friday, friends! Fug Madness has BEGUN, so catch up with your voting and get ready for the games to continue on Monday. (You can jump in whenever!)


Heather and I were the special guests on this week’s Extra Hot Great podcast, where Heather makes a beautiful salute to a great 90210 episode and I once again recommend a truly trashy piece of reality programming.

This is delightful, at WaPo: With age comes ‘Wizdom.’ The Wizards’ 50-and-older dance squad is thrilling crowds.

This is a great profile of Stacey Abrams at The Cut.

At Lainey: Are Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner dating?!?!?!?!?! I have thoughts.

This is a really good piece at Vulture about Aidy Bryant’s costumes in Shrill, many of which were custom.

Also at Lainey: I am really into the concept for this movie, honestly.

SCANDALE — or maybe not? At The Cut: What’s Going on With the American Figure Skater Accused of Slashing Her Rival?

I loved this, at The Assembly: My Date With My Doppelganger. (I am very good friends with one of the Amina Akhtars in question, but not the one who wrote this!) (I have many doppelganger, one of whose taxes were just sent to me! I’m not a scammer, so I didn’t steal her identity. But I could have. As my ID already matches.)

Related, a piece from Elizabeth Holmes — not THAT Elizabeth Holmes — about sharing a name with a notorious person. [Marie Claire]

At the New York Times: Overlooked No More: Isabella Goodwin, New York City’s First Female Police Detective

Over at Socialite Life, this cracked me up: Sophie Turner Chugs Wine Like a Boss on Jumbrotron at Rangers Game. Chugging WINE is tough.

Related in terms of professional obligations, but MUCH MORE SERIOUS: Emilia Clarke wrote a piece for The New Yorker about the fact that she’s had two aneurysms since Game of Thrones started filming. My God, this sounds like it was harrowing!

OMG, I loved this. The Atlantic ran a whole piece about what people habitually eat for lunch every day. I feel seen by the woman who just has spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar. I want some peanut butter right now.

At The Mary Sue, this will be useful information for many of us: The Spanish Princess Shows Katherine of Aragon Embracing Her Destiny & Having Red Hair.

Via Celebitchy, apparently Emma Roberts and Evan Peters broke up and now she’s dating Garrett Hedlund; my thought there was, “wait, isn’t Garrett dating Kiki Dunst?” And then I remembered that of course not: My beloved Kirsten has a baby with Landry from Friday Night Lights. Emma Roberts has a TYPE.

More important celeb break-up news from Pajiba: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Don’t Dream, It’s (Almost) Over. This has been one long-ass divorce!

This is very much MY JAM: Artist Encases Incredibly Detailed Miniature Worlds Inside Antique Pocket Watches

This is also really good, from Hari Nef, who I always enjoy so much, about how she likes to shop. [Fashionista]