What a week! I hope you’re prepped for next week, because it is ROYALLY BUSY (see what I did there?). Prince Louis’s christening is Monday and we will have full coverage, then there’s some big RAF thingie on Tuesday morning, then Harry and Meghan zip off to Ireland for a few days, and Wimbledon will be wrapping up. In short: I SHALL BE TYPING FOR YOU. As it is here, we’ve got a VERY random royal wedding, more Meghan and Harry, and goofy ceremonial hats.

Earlier this week, if you missed it:

We rounded up a variety of sunhats inspired by the one Meghan wore to polo recently.

Meghan wore yellow for an event with Harry! We got more pics from that event in this slideshow, yay.

Elsewhere of interest around the internet:

At People, Maxima and W-A are planning at state visit to the UK in October, and it shall be tiara-y!

At Town & Country: The Spanish Princesses Will Attend Summer Camp in the United States

Relevant to our interests, at Meghan’s Mirror: Meghan Markle’s Perfect Pimms Cup

At Grazia: A Brief Guide To Kate Middleton’s Rings

PS: Meghan’s Everlane tote is back in stock right now — as in, ready to ship, not backordered (as I type).

And, on social media:

This might be the first time Wills has ever tweeted? I love how ENTHUSED IT IS:

Also, he loves a high-five:

Edward is COMMITTING to making plaque reveals more entertaining:


Also excited about the World Cup:

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