Royals Round-Up is coming at you a day early this week, because we’re taking tomorrow off for the 4th of July. Pop back over the weekend, though, as I think Kate and William and Harry have some Tour de France shenanigans on the docket, and they went out yesterday with GEORGE and I’m just waiting for THOSE pictures to hit the wires, although I suspect we might not see them for a while. (And I know Prince WhatHisName of Somewhere — Prince Amedeo of Belgium — is allegedly getting married this weekend but rumor has it it’s not going to be widely covered by the media; I will not deny you Wikipedia Scandals of Lesser Rando Royals if I can help it, but it all remains to be seen). Regardless, today’s slideshow has SO MUCH CROWN PRINCESS MARY, so brace yourself for excitement, CPM lovers. It also has HIDEOUS PORTRAITS and the Pope. Something for everyone!

Here at GFY this week: