Well, first off: the reason this photo is kind of cruddy — and she looks somewhat irked, I suspect — is because Kate here was at one of the “private events” we spoke of around these parts a couple of weeks ago: a event where she (and, in this case, William) pop in somewhere for a meeting or whathaveyou with one of the charities they work with, and then the charity in question puts out a press release eventually (the story about this morning’s event is already on the wires; it was a conference on children’s mental health), but because it’s not an official press event involving them specifically, they don’t invite photographers to take regular snaps and, yes, that’s a round-about way of saying that the caption on this photo claims she’s wearing “MATCHING SHOES” and YET I SHALL NEVER KNOW IF THEY MEAN COORDINATED OR ACTUALLY MATCHING, LIKE THE SAME MATERIAL unless I get a secret email from [email protected] letting me know that, actually, they were just these rando blue shoes she had kicking around, and she hopes the US beats Belgium tomorrow, even if Belgium does probably have better beer:

I like to think she’s taking her pulse, here. “That meeting was thrilling. I don’t even need to go to the gym this afternoon! WAIT. IS THAT A PHOTOGRAPHER? Perhaps I shall punch him. No. No, Kate. Deep breathing. Pippa’s on the Today show now. You must not invite questions of The Lauer. That never ends well. Save your fisticuffs for Harry, when he gets back from Brazil and gives the baby that vuvuzela and we never sleep again.”

[Photo: AKM/GSI]