Well! Welcome back. Last we met was over a week ago, as I ran this feature early last week because of the 4th of July holiday, which feels like about one billion years ago. So we’ve got much to cover!

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AND I suspect we’ll have stuff happen over the weekend: Meghan and Kate are attending the women’s final at Wimbledon tomorrow, and William and Kate will attend the men’s, and Harry and Meghan are going to the London premiere of The Lion King on Sunday. So come on by this weekend!

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At Town & Country:  The Royal Family’s Troubling Connection to Jeffrey Epstein. We’ve talked about this a lot in the comments of other royal posts recently. (I don’t think I was aware that Fergie borrowed money from him as well. Her apology does seem contrite.) Everyone in the press office at Buckingham Palace must be white-knuckling this thing out and hoping that no more evidence emerges to connect Andrew and Epstein, but it feels like this might be the tip of the iceberg for a lot of people. “Prince involved in international child sex-trafficking ring” would quite literally be the worst scandal of the modern royal era, I think. He’s still doing engagements and while I’m sure they think disappearing looks like an admittance of guilt, that seems ill-advised to me. ALL the comments on recent Royal Family Insta posts featuring Andrew are about Epstein.

In other, less horrifying news, Lainey took on the Meghan/Wimbledon photos situation.

Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair wonders, “Is Princess Beatrice Becoming the Next Royal Style Icon?

Somewhat related, at People: How Kate Middleton Got Out of Her ‘Style Rut’

Travel + Leisure reports, Roger Federer Took a Break From Wimbledon to Give Prince George a Tennis Lesson

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