Everyone may have known this already, but I somehow missed it because they announced it at a time when I was unplugged from celebrity news. She talked on a recent podcast about having a miscarriage the first time she got pregnant, so this was a double blessing for her and Jamie Bell. It’s very exciting to have tiny toes in your life when you weren’t sure whether to trust that would happen for you. I don’t know if I’m just awash with glee for them, or what, but I might like this outfit? The pattern mix is unusual and not one I would ever have thought to try; they’d each be cute on their own, but I’m surprised to find that I don’t mind them together. The lace detailing keeps tricking my eye into thinking she’s wearing a crossbody bag, though. But she didn’t have that child very long ago — maybe two months? — and so I’m just applauding her for getting out in something event-appropriate. When I was two months post-partum, I was thinking to myself, “Maternity jeans are the best! Forget zippers! I’M WEARING THESE FOREVER.”

[Photo: WENN]
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