Our last Royals Round-Up was on December 18th, so today’s post is going to cover a whole bunch of stuff that’s happened in the last few weeks — although, technically, not too much happened over the holidays, so don’t worry.

In case you missed it earlier this week, or over the holiday break, we’ve had quite a lot for your royals-reading pleasure:

– Prince George started preschool and he was so cute!

– All the Brits, as usual, went to church on Christmas…

–…and then two days later, on Sunday.

– We looked at 2015’s highlights for Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte.

–And examined the Year in Prince Harry.

– And the highlights for all the rest of the royals. Tiaras! Weddings! Babies!

And elsewhere:

Vanity Fair celebrates QE2’s love of headscarves.

– And Prince Philip was named to British GQ’s list of best dressed men, well above fellow honoree Prince Harry. (I suspect you will want to eyeball the rest of the list as well.)

– The Bhutanese royals continue to be EXTREMELY good-looking. (Hello!)

– Speaking of, Wills and Kate are going to meet the King and Queen of Bhutan, and compare shiny hair, when they travel to Bhutan in the spring after their previously-announced trip to India (we also learn in this piece that Harry is going to Nepal). The photo opps for all of this are going to be great.

– This is juicy, at The Crown Chronicles: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wanted Edward VIII for herself claims new docu-drama

– This is at the Daily Mail, so CLICK AWARE, but the Prince William stuff from the interview with the princes that Ant and Dec did over the break is interesting. I also enjoyed learning that Harry is always over stealing food from Wills and Kate. It seems right. (I haven’t been able to to find a way for those of us in the US to see the entire thing yet, but I’m sure it is, or will be, possible; the Mail does have some video.)

– Speaking of video, Hello! has footage of Charlene, Prince Albert, and the twins, to celebrate their first birthdays. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Charlene speak before! The kids are lively and SO cute and trying to eat EVERYTHING. I’d also love it if a native French speaker could confirm for me if Albert’s French accents sounds particularly American, because I can TOTALLY understand his French and that was definitely not been the case when I am, say, in France. (If the video doesn’t work for you on Hello’s site, you can see it on Facebook. The musical choices are…kind of intense.)

– Bustle has kindly run down all of Harry’s notable ladyfriends for us!

– And, finally, in case you’re wondering what Queen Rania’s up to: