THE BEARD ABIDES. Also, Maxima, what are you wearing?!

And, elsewhere:

European Queens Waged More Wars Than Kings, says The Science of Us. We ladies like to get things done, what can I say?

People explains what was involved in some of the religious ceremonies performed by Prince Albert and Charlene this past week.

– Also at People, Pips just did this major ski race, and celebrated afterward with fondue. I support that.

– This is an interesting piece in The Telegraph about the work Camilla is doing for charities devoted to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

– One of QE2’s former press secretaries recently died, and his obit — also in The Telegraph — is very interesting. I love him for this alone: “With better locations [for press covering a royal event], the photographs and copy might have been more interesting.” THANK YOU FOR THINKING ABOUT OUR COPY, SIR.

The Sun has this whole piece — and, you know, grain of salt and all — about how Prince Harry is totes bummed now because everyone he knows is getting married and having babies and he’s all byyyyyy himseeeeeeelf.

– This is from the Mail (I KNOW), but you probably want to read all about the auction they’re doing of the Duchess of Devonshire’s estate. WHAT SHALL WE BUY? (Also, it’s really random that Madonna gave her a signed copy of The Year of Magical Thinking, which, by the way, MADONNA DID NOT WRITE. I get it, but…that’s a strange gift. “Hey, I put a super chipper note inside this book that’s SUPER UPSETTING.” I mean, that is a great book but it’s also a total bummer and full of people dropping dead, so sort of tone-deaf to give to, like, a 95 year old woman who’s lost so many people in her life.)